i know in years passed, ive typically had an end-of-year post. something that recaps what the year was about. something that offers closure. something that allows me a moment to reflect, and move on. i know i didnt this year. i know that we’re already more than a week into 2007. my birthday came and went (blows party horn). and the world celebrated a new year.

more than a million people gathered in times square to watch a giant crystal ball drop. why? well, i’ll tell you… watching a giant crystal ball drop is just the coolest thing evar.. ok, not really. why then? why spend the money, and invest the hours standing in times square? its simple.. and its this reason that all of humanity looks forward to the new year.

new beginnings. a fresh start. a clean slate. new hope.


if i had to pick a theme that carried me through the final few months of 2006, it was hope. and i only hope and pray, that it continues throughout 2007.