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hey all… as a quick update – my computer basically blew up yesterday (tuesday). so as for now, i wont be using AIM.
if you need to get a hold of me – PLEASE call me as my access to my personal email is very limited.

and please pray for a new computer!
thanks guys!

alrighty now… back up and runnin!

ok… seriously pissed off. blogger is actin really really funny.

facing the past. the facts. and the hoping that tonite.. will at least accomplish some of that.

see, ive been keeping myself insanely busy over the past 2.5 weeks for a very specific purpose. march 19th 2002. my parents officially filed for divorce.

i hoenstly didnt believe that knowing it was officially official would be that hard. i was wrong.

i know for a fact that im sitting here trying to make myself feel what i know is boiling inside of me. but even tonite i know im barely scratching the surface of whats going on inside of me. see, what i would like to do, would be to keep everything inside in a pretty lil box with a cute lil bow on it and only take out the items in the box when i have time, and the ability to deal with them. but that seldomly happens. besides, i cant tie a bow to save my life…

what does happen is that the pressure continously builds until ‘pop’… or ‘kaboom’ or ‘insert loud explosion sound of your choice here’.

anyway, along with the new look to the site, a new title. shamelessly copied from ‘the beautiful letdown’ by switchfoot….


this is my life.. am i who i want to be?

tada. [insert any and all fanfare here]

well. obviously my session of attempting to deal with the inner turmoil is going nowhere. fast. so i am going to call it a nite. and just click post and maybe pay my verizon bill.

sounds like a plan….

new view for the site… tell me whatcha think… that is, whenever i get comments back up here.

a day like any other day passed me by earlier this month…
it passed by unnoticed actually. it was an anniversary of sorts..
ive had my blog for just over a year now.

weird huh?
i just spent the past 20 minutes reading over some of my first posts.


thats all im gonna say.

1 year.
bring it on.

on a side note – someone named lisa posted to my blog a few days ago.
welcome lisa:-)
feel like tellin us more about yourself?

so supposedly i just re-installed the posting capability…here goes

ah yes… just for the record
my dad was never a cab driver:-)

until further notice – i have removed the posting ability of my blog.

it seems our voice from the past has decided to be a definite prick… so yeah.
moving on to the things that actually matter in life…
it was a beautiful moon tonite. hope you got to see it!


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