law and order

wow. freaky.

NBCs highly rated crime/lawyer drama. it just ended.
the story line?
the sorid tale about an average american family (whatever the freak that is). and in this normal everyday family, the ‘father figure’ -a successful doctor – leaves his boring marriage for a 24 year old bimbo who only wanted him for his money.

1 man
1 woman
2 kids

average american family thrown into turmoil by the sexual dysfunction of one disgusting excuse of a man.

2 kids. whos lives will never be the same because of circumstances well beyond their control.

2 kids… whos lives are now going through hell.

they’re watching their mother drink and drug herself unconcious every nite.
they’re watching “dear ol daddy” gettin his bimbo pregnant.

ok, so you’re asking me where exactly the murder takes place. its simple to know who dies. the money grubbing, family destroying, 25 year old female.

the shocker tho?

the 15 year old daughter… who, through no actions of her own – now comes from a broken family. who will have to face the toughest years of her existence being shuffled between “homes”. the daughter whos measure of a future husband is now screwing someone only 10 years old than she is….well…

she kills the girlfriend.

she wanted her family back so bad… she killed her fathers girlfriend.

now. as i think about it… is that the shocker? or, is the shocker the fact that im not surprised. that this whole event almost could seem “normal”, and that… i could relate?

i dont know

random thoughts….
from the life i think im living

goodnite all