it is the foundation for every friendship.
all buisness deals are merged with its truths.
there is no love without it.
its a simple word with incredible weight.


i realized something after goin to see spiderman ( THE MOVIE YOU MUST GO SEE). i got talkin to my movie goin friend val about it.

i realized this literally as i was saying it – that a certain someone whom val and i both hold in high regard has given to me a gift that i know i cant understand the depth of. the gift? its a simple thing with incredible weight. trust.

our friends at webster describe trust as: 1 a : assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something b : one in which confidence is placed.

am i terrified? heck yeah. outta my mind. but its a good thing. because i know this to be true – i am a poor excuse of a human being and -in and of myself- am utterly incapable of ever fulfilling the requirements of such a gift. i know i dont understand how precious this is and i can not act in a way that could covey how much it is to be cherrished. but i know the One who can.

my job? its simple really. to live a life that cultivates a heart that can trust – and be trusted. to live a life so honest, so open to the One deserving of my trust – that i am changed into His image. then… and only then… will i be truly one to be trusted.

i am humbled and honored. scared and terrifed. and in some really weird way – ready for the beggining of the ride of this life i think im living;-)

to all those out there who trust me and whom have placed with me a part of who they are – i love you all:-)