as much as i can, i believe ive begun the steps neccessary to keep my life from completely falling apart.
thanks to the help and support of one specific friend, ive begun seeking out a counselor.

i ended up having my weekly preformance meeting with my boss on tuesday. and… its not really a good thing – when ones first week on the job was the best.
my 3 month review is right around the corner, and i havent exactly ‘bested’ my first week yet. and the 3 month mark is where they basically decide if they feel its beneficial to keep you employeed.

i hadnt realized until i started talkin with him (my boss) how much the circumstances of my life had impacted my ability to simply focus. so yeah, my job is probably in jeapordy right now….

hence the decision (with some major support from a friend) to seek out the help i need.

so many battles lost… but hopefully, not the war.
and tomorrow is another day
and im thirsty anyway….
so bring on the rain.

well, i should be getting to bed.

so if you’re out their reading this somewhere in this wide wide world. and you happen to understand the meaning of ‘lil sparrow’….. beyond all the crap that this life brings… i wanted you to know i still love you.

goodnite from this life i think im living.