someone once said that feelings were important. and i must agree. simply due to the fact that we’re born with them.

take suffering for example…or pain – if you prefer that word. there isn’t a human who’s ever lived who hasn’t expierenced suffering. be it emotional, physical or any other form… everyone has -at one time or another- been well aquantied with pain.

Jesus Christ Himself… while walking on this earth.. submitted Himself so strongly to the will of His father that He learned pain… through watching the heartbreak over the death of lazarus.

and Christs Father – God. expierenced suffering more than we will ever…. how? simple really…

we talk so much about giving our all to Christ.. to walking out our faith… and we nearly idolize those who’ve gone before us and given all they had. look at the martyrs… the romans got their kicks off of feeding the early christians to lions… boiling them in oil… and dipping their heads in tar, tying them to a post and lighting their heads on fire…. for light.

but God Himself gave more than that….

dying for what we believe is easy. giving our lives? giving ourselves? nothing…absoluty nothin…
God didnt give Himself… He gave the most important thing to Him… He watched His own son die.

how about you? would you let your own brother die for what you believed? would you sit there and watch your parents get hacked apart by rebels… all because you didnt renounce the God you follow? would you watch your little sister be defiled all because of your belief in something greater than the both of you?

thats harder… thats surrender… that- in a nutshell- is what God did to His son to draw us to Him….

i can give everything i am… that isnt even an issue anymore. id gladly take a bullet and face death itself for the things i believe in. but what about my family? or my friends?…

im not exactly sure why this is all on my mind right now… but i guess its a good thing. i havent blogged this much in quite some time.

anyway… i guess the question of the nite – what was God feeling? its written that, even though God is Love, He could not stand to look at His son. He had to turn His head and look away from the one being that was as much Him, as He was.

so maybe surrender isnt submitting my own preferences or choices… maybe surrender is giving everything. not just yourself, but all that you have. all that you’ve been given… all that brings you joy… to the will of a God who let His own Son die…. for me.

they say that that – is love. they say that love isnt a feeling. they say love is stronger than death. and they say love is something we all need…..