and for some reason – they’re always piping a radio station quietly into the lobby….
and this song was playing – most of the words… seemd poignant…
(note: lyrics slightly edited)

while i just heard
the news today
it seems my life
is gonna change
i close my eyes
begin to pray….
then all these tears
stream down my face….

all the times ive heard this song, and i never once read anything deeper into these lyrics….
im connecting with this song on a brand new level.

the songwriter was, amongst other things – terrified.

now, yes – these are the joyus cries of a soon-to-be new father.

but they’re also, the cries of a man who knows he is
utterly incompetent and unequipped
unprepared and underqualified
completely inadequate… for the task set before him.

and so he cries… cries out to his Maker… for help.