if doubt and fatiuth walk hand in hand, then i am definetly leaning towards the doubt side today….

we’re told… that our standing with God has nothing to do with our abilities… and everything to do with His unending love for us.

we’re told… that our lives are nothing without Him… and everything with Him.

we’re told… that if we give it our best and let Him handle the rest… that He will bring good out of it.

we’re told… that a worker is worth his wages….

we’re told so much – and all i can do is ask

where is it? where is the fulfilment of what we’ve been told?

i had a meeting with my boss today – as you probably can tell, it didnt go all that well.

i sit here wondering, questioning… what else can i do? what else can i give? how much harder can i try?

if this road we walk is indeed something unknown. and if each nite is a canvas. a -gift- so to speak. then tonite, i paint with my tears…