i cant – for the life of me – shake this odd thought.ive never been one for superstition. 7 being lucky… walking under a ladder is bad luck… etc. but i just cant shake this. september 13 2001 – my family left new york for the lovely state of texas. i wont delve into the details of the story today, suffice it to say that they were only supposed to be gone a few weeks. they never came back.

today. january 13, 2002 my family left… again… mom and the sisters were up for the weekend. and they left early this afternoon. now, again – im NOT superstitious. but come on… whats up with the number 13?

i dont know. in other news… the visit was too short… way way too short.

they’ve only been gone 10 hours and i miss them sooooo much.

if anyone talks to them before i do… tell them that the guy in NY loves em incredibly.