ive come to the conclusion that talking about your problems, the uh “challenges” we face is a good thing. talking about them to someone who cares allows some of the weight to be lifted. its a gift that removes from you just a little more of the hurt. its akin to removing an old bandage and allowing, for what could be the first time ever, fresh air into a old wound.but, in its very nature, even if we dont notice it… it carries a price.

a price you say? yes… and it can be hefty.

see, even when we dont want it too… it finalizes -even more so- the uh “challenges” your dealing with. all of a sudden, they are more real than they have ever been.

i ended up catchin dinner with the grandparents and an uncle this evening. overall, a very good evening.

good food (new orleans style!)
good people
good talks…..

but it is rough when your father completely threw his entire family down the drain. when your father is a sick man, and your moms parents know it. and they rightfully blame him for a horrid divorce and nearly killing my sister…

ok, so rough is an understatement. suffice it to say, it makes any “family gathering” extremely emotionally draining…

i dunno…

to close tonite, let me say that i realize my post may seem somewhat loose… lacking a cohesive thought pattern… you’re basically hearing my thoughts right now.

my father is a sick man. he threw away the very thing most people would die to protect. and my mothers side of the family absolutely reviles him for it. as they should.

but they are not the ones…. stuck in the middle.