i cant begin to describe how much ive changed.

ive dropped things i didnt think i was carrying….

just earlier this evening i decided to write off soda from my diet completely.

i know, its a stupid example, but if you knew me, you’d know it was big.

i know im scared. more so now, than i was 6 months ago. i dont understand whats happening in my heart. and i know… i just know, something big is coming. and its coming fast.

change is coming.

i have this nagging thought that soon, im going to have to take a leap… and launch myself into the unknown.

I swear ive no idea where what im feeling is coming from.

this is it.

this is soooo gonna be it.

the line is coming. a choice will have to be made.

i dont know where, i dont know how… i dont even know what the choice is going to be, but its coming.

the leap – is coming…..

welcome to the beginning of the unknown.