this is in response to k8s most recent posting… if you havent read it, check it out here.

ive found myself wanting to do the same thing on my site too k8. maybe not for the same reasons, but things just seem to be changing so quickly that within days, my posts are either outdated – or ive changed beyond that spot.

it seems that with extreme change externally comes extreme changes in the heart. and im beginning to learn that changes in the heart will inevitably bring about changes externally.

i used to think – not sure why, but i did – that the realms of the heart were rarely able to impact the realm of the external. for some reason, i just assumed that they existed in two seperate areas. two seperate levels of reality.

maybe its because im slowly allowing myself to open back up to some long lost dreams… hopes… and ideals. maybe its because in doing so, my reality, as i’ve known it – has been shaken.

change is coming. i keep saying it. i know.

maybe it is no longer the right statement to make anymore. because, the truth is…

change is here.

its in me.

its in my heart.

its in the gifts that have lied dormant for so long that are springing to life.

its in the way my prayers have changed.

its in the way my heart beats. and the things it beats for.

Lord you have my heart
And I will search for yours
Jesus take my life and lead me on.