so i sit at the end of the day. in a way, the end of a very long weekend.

i know i mentioned the major things that happened… wisdom teeth, dad coming, dad being here, dad leaving.

anyway, its interesting how much a few weeks can change ones life.

today… if my memory serves me correctly is my parents anniversary. or… would that be “was” my parents anniversary.

im not sure if ive got the dates right… but yeah. its this month anyway.

on another note, there is one person specifically that i need to thank.

my bestest friend was with me through all of this weekend. she drove me to the oral surgeons… drove to wegmans… dealt with my pain filled grunts and the frustrations of the novacaine wearing off way to early..

she reminded me to take my meds, and made sure i had enough ice packs, gauze, chicken soup, pudding and ice cream. more than was i could have asked for actually.

and ya know what? that only scratches the surface..

she’s been the reason – and in a lot of situations over the past 2 years – the only reason i made it through a lot of things.

i dont thank her enough for the friend she has been.
for the reflection of Christ she has shown.
for the love she has poured out.
or for the selflessness she has expressed in putting her own wants and desires aside to follow the will of her Father.

i know, without any shadow of doubt, that a good part of who i am today – is because of what she has been in my life.

skipper…. for whenever you read this – may it bring joy to your heart knowing your life has forever impacted mine.

may you rest under the incredible peace of His grace.

and may you soar on the wings of His love for you.

i love you.