so tonite, im intentionally not gonna post much. i know, its been quite a while since ive posted anything of note. its been a very hectic few weeks.

just letting you all know im alive.

and i specificlaly wanted to thank dawn for commenting:-) welcome to my life dawn. feel free to stop by anytime.

you guys should check out her site. you can do so here. good stuff. very good stuff.

i realized something earlier today while waiting at a traffic light on the way home. here i am in a city of hundereds of thousands of people rushing home between 5 and 6pm…. we’re all in a hurry to head home, make dinner and start the rushing back to work the very next day…. very few of us are lucky enough to not feel any stress… most of us arent even paying attention to whats going on around us…

our thought patterns exist on the plane of “if it doesnt impact me directly, i do not want to think about it”…

and thats the way, i feel, the world spends the hour between 5 and 6pm. heck, its normally the way I spend the hours between 5 and 6.

so here i was… sitting at a traffic light, and i was – amazingly enough – not so stressed to have missed this example.

as i sat there, this guy walked down the street… he obviously lived nearby for he was walking his dog… and, like most dogs, the furry, slobbery creature was running this way and that, chasing leaves, scents, and everything else that caught his eye, or nose.

this dog… lives his life for the “whats next”. he lives constantly believing that there are new, amazing, unexplored scents to discover… new things to see, and new animals to chase…

right under that leaf! or… if i could only chase that squirrel ::yank:: oh, right… the leash… oh wow, new smells! oh boy a cat!! ::bark bark bark::

this dogs life was one full of joy. of hope. of excitement. this….. dog…. was teaching me what it means to truly be alive.

thats my prayer tonite…

to be so enraptured by life… to be so madly in love with truly living that all else fades. to be so in love with the One holdling my “leash”, that i no longer worry about my worth…

to live free. free to chase squirrels… to have fun. to not worry. to not fear….

to truly live.

so what if people say i live like a dog… at least then ill know, im truly living.