so i seem to have this thing with becoming heavily involved in, shall we say “left of center” tv shows. first it was buffy, now – angel.

so in tonites episode, one of they key characters has a surprise visit from his father. the father being portrayed as overbearing, unapproving and downright hurtful at times pales in comparison to the final few moments of the show.

without going into plot details im sure will bore you… the episode climaxes on the roof of a highrise with the father threatening the life, the very essence, of our main characters boss/friend. the boss/friend character had a very colorful past and although he was now good… the father couldnt see past the well, past.

so you’re left with the obligatory standoff – father and son pointing guns at each other…

and just as obligatory, our main characters love interest walks into the scene at the most inoportune of times. sensing only danger for the boss/friend character, she doesnt worry about her life.

as things come to a peak, the son is able to remove the ‘weapon’ from his fathers hands. not the gun mind you… the weapon.

this, frees the boss/friend character from any threat.

during the final exchange of father-son words, the father turns the gun on sons love interest. again, very obligatory.

so i find myself sitting here knowing that there is gonna be some sort of fight scene. some form of violent confrontation between father and son. up to now, it had only been words. but that was going to change in moments.

or so i thought.

the moment… the very second the father turns his gun towards the love interest… muttering something about threating someone his son truly cares about…

bam, bam bam bam bam bam…. bam bam bam

without hesitating, our main character EMPTIES the entire 9 round clip into his father. shooting him until he hits the ground.

i sat there stunned. not because of the incredible plot twist… but because of what it said to me.

this son, destroyed his father to save the one he loved.

this son… gave up a huge part of his life for a woman who he hasnt even been totally honest with about his feelings…

without hesitation…. his life changed forever.

without hesitation.

im struck again… sitting here in my darkened apartment…. lost within my thoughts… within my heart.

i should be the one who chooses to do what i know is right… without hesitation. i should be the one preparing my heart for Him. for His presence. for His life. for His purity.

i should be ready to change my life… for the One i love… without hesitation