“But then, there are those who’s hearts hold fast to what they believe. They are persuaded that it is better to “go down swinging” in a fight than to lay down and be trampled. They find meaning and purpose in resolutely standing back to their feet. These are the leaders we need and if the leaders we need then the leaders we need to become. Truthfully, the fear never leaves; If we wait till we feel courage we may never find it. Courage, the best of it, is birthed when you realize your fears, then kick them aside and do what your heart screams is right. Deflecting the threats, you still believe that there is one who is watching who will not fail you. You see in your mind’s eye that he is near and “his reward is with him (Isaiah 62:11).” As long as you believe there is a place worth having where you can hide, you’ll falter – so don’t believe it.”