to be honest with you tonite, the one thing i know is keeping me from jumping 100% into the arms of my saviour is my character.

i got to thinking earlier this evening about sin. especially the sin we allow in our lives. sin isnt just something that seperates us from God, or keeps us feeling like crap. sin is much more than that. even when we are able to keep our sin “secret” and feel confident that no one else knows, chances are… its still going to impact more of ones life than one would like.

picture your life as a stage… and if you would, step off the stage to look at your life from the auidence view. sin, would be a big freakin wooden board at least 10 feet by 20 feet. solid from one end to the other. no windows, cracks, or holes to see through. and because you cant see around it, you cant see what – if anything – is behind it.

and what we dont realize, or – in my opinion – choose to ignore, is that behind the lies, behind the sin, behind the huge piece of wood lies the consequences of our sin. and we cant see them.

we dont see the damage we’re causing to relationships, friends, family, our own lives… we choose to believe that because we cant see the other side of our sins, they dont exist.

“when your life becomes a war between purity and popularity, you have to be prepared to choose.” ~shannon kubiak

and thats the catch isnt it? when faced with this choice, we either continue our little existence as mere ingnorant beings living on a planet in which we make no noticeable impact, or, we change.

i promised myself a long time ago, that from that point on, i would always choose to change.

ya know what? its time i got some things right in my life. its time i straightened some stuff out. its time i stopped running and hiding behind the planks in my life.

a promise was made, its time i started living up to it.