not many people know this, but if you ever get the chance to raise an elephant from birth, you can prove this to yourself.

elephants when they are born are obviously much smaller and weaker than they will be when they reach adulthood. no surprises there. but what the elephant doesnt realize over the course of turning into a 1500lb behemouth is that he easily outweighs and can easily overpower his human handlers.

its true. raise an elephant from birth with a collar around his neck, or a anklet around his leg that is tied to a post… if the elephant cant break free as a adolescent, he quickly learns its impossible… and never tries again. thats why you see handlers walking this huge animal with a small rope. the elephant simply doesnt realize that he can overcome what keeps him in bondage.

he doesnt know his own strength, even though it was destined to be his from the moment he was concieved. he doesnt know the freedom that is his by soverign right simply because he has been created. he does not realize it resides inside of him already.

there is no larger or stronger mammal that walks this earth today. the elephant, when fully grown, has no natural enemies. and yet, a simple rope can keep one captive, unless someone shows him he can be free.

ive noticed something over the past few days…

its a very quiet voice that whispers to me when i least expect it.


let it ring.
let it be heard from the highest places in the land.
let the reality of true freedom be birthed in my heart.

one day soon… i will be free