there are moments in life when one is struck by revelation. sometimes its something about myself that i realize… very rarely is it something outside of myself. today, its a little of both.

i have this lamp in my room… its designed just like a lava lamp. but instead of “lava” in a clear colored liquid… there are hunderes of little pieces of what looks like tin foil. when the light in the lamp heats the liquid, instead of moving lava, you see hundereds of points of light dancing, relecting, catching the light and throwing it onto the walls in thousands of never ending and always changing patterns… the light dances from blue to silver to pure white constantly… its like looking at a star.

its like looking at life.

and then it hit me… thats what my life should be like…

dormant and dark unless the light is turned on…. the light brings life, and with that life you see me for who i am. you see the facets of my soul… you’ll see me the light dance through me.