sometimes the things we need to be thankful for are the things we may not have right now. but the things we’ve had. the things we’ve experienced. the things that we may not have access to at this very moment, but none the less, the things that impacted us.

so, for me today… on day 2 of this 30 day journey, i am thankful for fellowhsip.

whoopdeedoo right? you need to realize though. i dont have it right now. not at any discernible level. i dont have a church to call home. or a group of friends here to talk with regarding the issues facing us 20somethings… or heck, even to just hang out.

but ive had those things in the past. ive been a part of, and a lot of times lead, those times of fellowship. ive had a large group of friends, ive had fellowship.

and even though i dont have those things right now…. i know how important they’ve been and are.

so Lord, thank you for fellowship. for friends and times with those who love you. and when im ready Lord, bring that back into my life… please.