if you’re a regular reader to my blog you’ve noticed it going through some transformations. those changes have been reflective of my own life. of things changing. growing. dieing. blossiming.

im beginning to realize that just as much as life changes; our viewpoint, our ability to see, our eyes – so to speak – are opened more. and because of both of these things we see new things.

i am a firm believer that change begins in the small things. the unnoticed things, the things that most dont see. i believe that in paying attention to the small things, the overlooked things, the “im too busy to notice” things, we find life. and in doing so, in finding life, we find ourselves.

welcome to my life. the small things, the big things and everything in between. this isnt a diary so much as it is a part of who i am. an expression of the things that would go unsaid. this is me, playing with a thunderstorm.