what does a real christian look like? seirously now. what does one whos so abandoned themselves to an all loving King truly look like. would i recognize them if i knew them before?

what does finding ones freedom in losing ones self look like? who would i be if i truly let go of my fears? of the things that keep me in my safe little hole? who would i be if i let myself be the real me? what would happen? would i still be loved if people knew who i was? who i could have been?

is true love really the ability to look into the blackness of anothers soul and yet still, amongst the utter ruins, find something lovely… something love-able?

there have been times the past few weeks where ive felt overwhelmed. drowing. drowning in my self. there have been times where ive just felt lost. where these questions are the ones im asking. where the answers to these questions are what im yearning for.

who am i? who could i be? and would i still be love-able?

what would i look like if i truly let go? if i released all hold on my life and let God have His way? would you recognize me? would i?

and how can i stand here with You
and not be moved by You
would You tell me how could it be
any better than this


cos You’re all i want
all i need
You’re everything
You’re all i want
You’re all i need
You’re everything