i must admit that ive not spent as much time reviewing this past year as i have in previous new years posts. im sure there will be time to focus on what has happend, what is happening and what is coming, but for now… for now i think it best to list what i am thankful for.

so, 25 things in 2005 (that im thankful for)

in no particular order

the family
the job
the dog šŸ™‚
radom IMs from rose that totally make my day
messages from jenna that challenge me
new friends
saying goodbye to old friends
words of peace and of hope from april
sisters šŸ™‚ (ok so i said family already, sue me)
walks in the park
trips to the zoo
hot coffee in the morning
hot coffee in the morning that i didnt have to make
80 degrees on new years
i changed
God didnt
things learned
books read, and reading

here is to 2006, to the dreamers whos dreams are slowly reawakening. to the call that resounds from the depths of our hearts. here is to…. here is to continuing to experience His presence, respond to His love, and answer the call.

(fire 2006? who knows.)

all i know is that its time to dream again