there are times… many times in the bible when Gods chosen were brought to a place of tears, a place of questioning, a place where doubts, fears and uncertainties were all that swirled around there feet.

and its in those self same times that God reconfirmed His plan, rebirthed the vision in their lives and reiginited the passion that they needed.

you may not have all the answers, but you know who does. and thats enough.


you know, i think we’ve got this whole “church” idea all wrong.

im sitting here tonite, watching the superbowl. seeing what 60 maybe 70,000 screaming people who paid up to $50,000 PER SEAT to watch grown men chase a ball around a field looks like.

and these people, these fans, these worshippers are pouring their love, their adoration, their all into this game. they’re cheering when things go their way, and crying when their team cries. their lives revolve around this. there is nothing else for them. for these 4 hours, these people are one with their team. the goal is unquestioned and the vision clear. this is church. this is church in its most basic, and pure form.

church shouldnt be all stuffy, religious and “proper”. church should be someplace we can go and be encouraged. someplace to encourage, to cheer, to cry when someone falls and to be there to help them up. its a place to go when we’ve fallen, for we know our teamates will be there for us.

church should be… church should be me telling you “go april! you CAN do this”.

church should be full of people reminding you of all the times God has shown up and shown off in your life. church should be getting in your face and rebuking doubt, reminding you of who Your Father is, where your strength lies, and who is under your feet.

church should be full of coaching, learning and amazing worship services, i mean um… halftime shows.

so you know what april?

welcome to church.

im you’re fan. you can do this. victory is yours because your coach, well…

He’s the best.