do you realize, that when noah saw that rainbow, it was the first rainbow ever?  maybe you knew that.  maybe its something you realized long ago.  if thats so, then great.  me?  that hit me earlier this week.

no one on earth had ever seen a rainbow before.  because it had never rained.

this promise wasnt just something that God used that already occurred in nature… no, it was something new. something real.  something tangible that would appear to noah at ‘random’ times throughout his remaining years.  and his children’s years, and their children’s years….. on through the ages.

it wasnt something re-used, recycled, restated or reinterpreted.  it was fresh.  real.  awe inspiring.

can you imagine?  i mean, ive seen rainbows before.  and they still make me stop.  they still bring awe.  they still remind me of Gods promise, of Gods promises.

they remind me of a man who faced opposition from every side, who did something that seemed insane in the midst of mockery and insults.  a man who was given a dream… and above all else, he followed the dream, the calling placed on his heart.

noah had never seen anything like this before.  this wasnt weird, this was insane.  this changed the way that a WORLD looked at the sky.

rainbows still impact me.  they make me realize how much more deeply life was meant to be lived.  how serious God was then, about making sure i lived now.  they still force me to ask if i am living as i should be.

am i worth what it cost for that first rainbow to be painted across the clearing skies?  was i worth it?  God basically started from scratch and just a few thousand years later – here i am.

God, i cannot tell you that ive lived up to the dreams you obviously had for your people.  You started from scratch, and for some reason, You chose me, for this time.  i need your help, please.  forgive, cleanse, heal.  and Father, remind me, like you did for Noah, of your promises.

change the way i look at the sky.