(now playing: beautiful people – jason upton)

there are times in our lives when words simply fail to express where we are at.

6 years ago this evening, i received a phone call. i was in the middle of soundcheck for a CD release party. that call informed me that my dad had left my mom.

and in all honesty, life became unhinged.

i dont bring that up for pity. because i dont want it. i bring it up to remind myself of where i’ve come from. of what life was like. and how precious the people in my life are.

i bring it up to remind us

if you’re parents are still happily together, thank them. if you’ve found the one you’ve been looking for, then make sure they know it. tonight.

if you’ve got friends like wendy, kate, april, ash and jenna; who will ask the sometimes hard questions, then make sure they know how thankful you are for them.

and if you believe in a Holy God whos heart broke when your world fell apart… then make sure you tell Him you love Him.