to demand grace, forgiveness, and mercy… and not extend it to those who need it as much as i do? who am i to hold others past failings and shortcomings against them? mine were not held against me.

mercy is completely unfair, and yet it eternally levels the playing field. we all need grace, we all need mercy. and its only when we realize how much we’ve been forgiven, how dark the black in our soul is, that we realize we’re just like everyone else.

mercy reminds us, of the love of a Father. for you – His child…. and for them. His children.

mercy allows us to be real. and even if its for the first time in… as long as i can remember, its a breath of fresh air. a promise of what is to come. of what Faith is based on…. and of what life was supposed to be all about.

mercy allows us to see ourselves, the way our Father does.

so much has changed in such a short period of time. i’m not the same person i was even a week ago. and i may not be there yet. i may have only caught the briefest glimpse of this thing called grace…. but im not stopping.