Every year as the weather cools and the leaves turn color, i promise myself that this will be the year.  This will be the year i start and complete something i’ve wanted to do for some time.  That being, 30 days of posts about one thing and only one thing: thankfulness.  or more directly, the things i am thankful for.

Thanksgiving is months away and the only color the leaves are turning in Texas is brown.  but im going to start my 30 days today.  i honestly am not sure why.  but here goes:-)

day 1

i am thankful for how much He loves us.

i know i don’t recognize it as much as i should.  and i know that if i did, my life would be eternally changed.  maybe in some small way, starting out with Christ as my focus will guide the next thirty days into something eye openning.  because honestly, thats what i want.  i want to be so utterly blown away by a revelation of the greatness and love of Christ that my life is forever changed.

David Crowder Band – How He Loves