i was going to sit down and type up a cheerful blog about how thankful i am for my friends.  it was going to be short, sugary and for the most part, shallow.  i’ve decided against that.

dont get me wrong, i am incredibly thankful for my friends.  be they near, or far away… i am thankful for those who have allowed me to walk beside them on their journeys.  and im am thankful for those who stuck by me on mine.

im blessed to know friends from all parts of the country and our world.  new york, pennsylvania, idaho, tennessee, texas, phillipines, canada, china (at times:0)), etc.  but if i was honest with you tonight, id say that the biggest challenge ive faced since landing in texas was making friends here.  sure, i’ve always got invites from coworkers to hang out, get drinks, etc… but the friendships i desire dont revolve around baseball games and a beer.  they revolve around life.

they grow from the siren song that burns in our hearts for a deeper relationship with the one they call the promise maker.  the friendships i want stem from a heartfelt desire to find our place in life, and to dig our roots deeply into the soil we’re planted in.

so while i am tremendously thankful for knowing each and every friend i’ve met, i know there is still more to come.  i know there are bridges to build, people to meet, smiles to share, and roads to walk.  i am hungry to walk this road with someone i call a friend.