today, i am thankful for the simple truth that we were destined to fail.  that in the infinite wisdom of our Creator, of the Promise Maker, we were given the chance to fail.  and fail again and again and again.

as a society, we dont expect failure.  we dont allow for it in our lives, and we dont allow for it in others.  we’ve somehow grown to expect perfection.  if we have a less than stellar experience at a restaurant, we tell everyone.  if someone cuts us off in traffic, we’re livid.  and our unlucky coworkers feel wrath when we finally arrive at work.

we expect to be wowed by amazing feats of physical ability every time we watch an nfl game.

we expect the gold medal and if someone else wins, even fairly, we dont accept our position graciously.

but thats not reality.  none of it.

reality is that we’re each broken, hurting people.  living in a damaged society doing its best to hold itself together.  reality is that the world would be a better place if only we allowed each other the grace to fail and the mercy to pick each other back up.

reality is knowing that i am who i am because of the people in my life who let me fail forward.  who let me land on my face, and were there to pick up the pieces.

and if there is a balance to be had, its in realizing we all fail.  we all try, and we all fail.

and in understanding that, in accepting that, we truly find our ability to love others for who they are.  because it’s in accepting that simple truth, that the playing field is equalized.  and i think, just maybe, thats what this Cross is supposed to point us to.  that we’re all in need of grace and mercy.  that we all fail.  we were destined to.

so tonight, i am thankful for that simple truth.  because it points us to a much bigger truth.  a truth that has carried millions of souls over thousands of years.

tonight, i am also thankful, that we are also destined to get back up.

for you see, in that infinite wisdom, He knew we’d never make it on our own.  He knew that we’d fail.  so He sent His Son to live a perfect life, in our stead.

and it’s because of that perfect life, that perfect sacrifice, that we can extend grace and mercy to others.  it’s because we’ve first experienced failure, and the unconditional love that followed it, that we can offer the same to those around us.

God help us to live like Your Son did…..