so many reasons run through my mind right now as to why i waited so long to finish this journey.  so many thoughts, excuses, questions.

i had hoped that at the end of the first 30 days, there would be some answers.  or a new perspective.  or a deeper understanding of, well, everything.  or more accurately, a few small things.

here i am though, many days removed from what was actually day 30 and i dont think i’ve achieved any of those goals.  and im forced to ask if that means i’m a failure, or if it means something else.  something so infinitely simple, it’s almost laughable.

maybe i spent the last thirty days simply re-learning the simple truth of how much i have to be thankful for.  maybe that is what this whole journey was about.  maybe, just maybe, thats what this whole journey is about.  being aware of the people, moments, conversations, interruptions and tangents that bring color to an otherwise colorless existence.  being aware, and being thankful.

maybe i was simply supposed to learn to be thankful.

so tonight, i am thankful.  for the journey drawing to a close, and for the new one starting.  i am thankful for tangents, relationships, friends, family, conversations, interruptions and journeys that make life…. alive.

to close, i am thankful for rescue.

because i was rescued.  because there is a Rescuer.  and because He wants to rescue you too.

Matt Redman – You Alone Can Rescue