you hear it too.  you sense it.  especially at this time of year.  when you slow down, if you let yourself slow down.  you can hear it.  echoes of something ancient.  something wonderful.  something that we know is missing, even if we dont know what it is.

its the call to more.  to something more than shopping, more than wrapping and more than the exchanging of gifts.  if you allowed yourself the time to feel it, to truly hear it, you’d hear it while you wrapped.  while you shopped.  and especially when you exchanged gifts.

what we miss, what i miss, is the reason for all this effort; for the time spent looking for just the right gift and for the hours spent wrapping presents in something that will only be torn and discarded.  in our rush to find that perfect gift, to wrap the present just so we forget that we are incomplete.  we forget that tomorrow isn’t just the celebration of a quaint story, but that it’s the celebration of the birth of a King.  of the One destined to bring peace.  of the One who holds our destinies in His hands.

you were created with the knowing, the understanding deep inside of your being that you were incomplete, that there is more.  you were created to hear that call.  to instinctively know it.  your heart was tuned to resonate when the call sounds.

tomorrow, when you hear that call, be reminded that a loving God sent His only Son to die for our incompleteness.  for our failures.  for our screw-ups, mistakes and depravity.  tomorrow be reminded that One came, lived a sinless life because we had no hope of doing so, and died a horrible death so we wouldnt have to.   tomorrow, remember that we are not alone.  that God-with-us has come.  tomorrow, when you hear that call.  pause.  give yourself time to respond.

tomorrow, we remember that He came to bring life.  abundant life.  tomorrow, we remember that there is hope.  tomorrow, mercy is new.  tomorrow, you are no longer alone.  you are no longer incomplete.  tomorrow, more begins.  your story is not over.  the more is here.  you were and are called for more.  your life is sacred.  you were created with a purpose.  and the destiny He holds for you is beautiful.

tomorrow is an invitation.  an invitation into the life you are being called into.  the life of more.   tomorrow, when you hear the call, the invitation, respond.

and never look back.


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