Last week I participated in my first group dance lesson followed by my third individual lesson.  For the most part, I’ve been so focused on getting things right that although I’ve had fun, I’ve not yet enjoyed dancing.

Last week that changed.

For the first time I was leading, and my dance instructor was allowing me to lead.

Don’t romanticize it, it wasn’t pretty.  I’m not that good, yet.

But for those few moments, I tasted something.  A part of my heart came alive.

My dance instructor made a comment that I’m still unpacking.  She said,

“You’re leading.  That’s good.  That tells the woman you’re in control, you’re taking care of her and that she can enjoy herself.”

I was thrilled to have gotten the compliment.  On the way home though, something told me I missed a deeper truth.

Life was meant to be lived beautifully.  We were created for beauty, to find it, search for it and create it.  And if dance is symbolic of life, of finding that beauty, of leading and being led, then how much beauty do we miss out on when we refuse to allow Him to lead?

If this woman, who I’ve only just met, could trust me enough to keep her safe on the dance floor, how much more can we trust the Author of our stories?  How much more does His heart ache for us to let Him lead?  How many times do I refuse His control, and try to do things on my own?

I was reminded of how much He loves us and how much He wants us to trust Him.   And in that, if we allow ourselves to trust, we find life.  We find the dance.

We find the beauty we’ve always known was there.  And we taste and see, that He is good.