We shortchange ourselves and the lives we could live if we chose to wait for the perfect, when the good enough is staring us in the face.

We won’t dance as often as we should or tell that girl how pretty she looks, we won’t risk as much but we will also see less reward.  Our relationships won’t be as deep, friendships won’t be as sincere and love won’t be as strong.

When we chose to wait for the perfect moment instead of capitalizing on the moments given to us, we miss out on drops of beauty that life rains only on those who chose to risk.

This past weekend I witnessed the interweaving of two stories, two lives, into one.  Two people who learned the joys of risk, who’ve felt the pain of loss but who didn’t wait for the elusiveness of perfect when love knocked on the door to their hearts.

And now a new story is now being written, one full of hope, of life, and I’ve no doubt that in time, a new family as well.

A new story, not a perfect story, not one without risk, without pain.  Not a story that wasn’t at one time bathed in tears, but a new story all the same.  One bathed in beauty, wrapped in grace, and filled with dreams coming true and new dreams being birthed in the hearts of those brave enough to not wait for perfect.

This weekend reminded me that finding courage to dream requires action, it requires a guy be aggressive and chase after what he wants, what he dreams of.  But most importantly, this weekend reminded me that life comes to those who step out in risk, who share their heart, who are open and who chase after the dreams written on their hearts.

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