Through the ache this week has brought, in the swirling eddies of pain at the loss my family is feeling, there is a current flowing.  Ripples of something much deeper, a truth that I believe my uncle knew or sensed even if he couldn’t put words to it.

He knew how to love.  You never questioned your worth in his eyes.  Yes, if you were one of his kids or a friend of his kids or anyone under 25 and you did something dangerous or stupid, you would know.  But you wouldn’t doubt the heart behind his words or actions. 

Yes, he could be impulsive at times.  He was a tattooed, beer drinking, Harley riding mans man.  And yes he liked pretty waitresses and working on old cars.  But you knew where his heart lay.  He absolutely loved his kids and his girlfriend.

My uncle may not have been a wordsmith, you wouldn’t catch him throwing clay or putting brush to canvas.  But in his own way you never doubted that he loved you, was for you and wanted you to know you mattered.

Lessons Learned

The world needs people whose hearts are fully alive, who chase after their passions and dreams.  The world needs people who love what they do and do what they love.  And the world needs those who are unashamed and unafraid to tell those they love how much they mean to them.

If there is one lesson I’ve learned this week its this: don’t wait.  If you love someone, if they mean something to you, tell them.  

Tomorrow, we will remember, we will tell stories.  Tomorrow my family gives a final send off to a man who lived life like it was meant to be lived.  Tomorrow, in a storm of fireworks and sparklers, surrounded by friends and loved ones we say goodbye.

Thank You

Thank you, Uncle Chuck for modeling who a man was supposed to be.  For being a father to your three great kids and the others who considered you a dad.  

Thank you for the fireworks, the reminders of how important family is, and for living life fully.

I, we all will miss you.  But we are better for knowing you.


Tomorrow, I will not just say goodbye to a man who meant the world to many.  I will also say hello to many who mean the world to me.

And tomorrow, I will make sure they know.