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hey everyone. i just added a link for Courtney… check it out here. hehe, according to her, i have my own saga now! woohoo! stop by and say hi!

oh yeah, btw Court, im a guy:-) not a “sister”. but thanks for the comment still 🙂

just a quick note to end the nite…
through a post on a blog i left a week or so ago (see “change is inevitable”) i have met glenn.

glenn is a cool guy. check him out here.

anyway, shout out tonite to glenn for mentioning me in his blog!

nite all

and for a taste of whats to come…..

yeah… i know. you think you know, but you have no idea….

they come in many shapes and sizes. some have bows and others tied with ribbons… some shatter our very existence, and others render a sweet fragrance in our lives… today – i was pleasantly surprised. surprised to learn that one of the bestest people in the world – my big sis – now has her own blog.check it out here:

its a rare and precious gift when you catch a glimpse inside of the very being of someone you love…

so, april – if my words have any impact on who you are… may they be to encourage you to continue to walk with, and follow after, the One your Heart of Hearts beats for…

His will may be confusing, easily misunderstood, and sometimes -to our own understanding- downright wrong. but He promised, more than 2000 years ago. He promised to bring all things together for good. He said to seek first His kingdom… and He’d take care of everything else. He knows all of whats in your heart, because He is holding it very close to His own…

give Him your all april. because truly, the one meant for you, will fall in love with you… for that very reason…
because your all– is continually on His altar.

anyway… those are my thoughts for tonite…
goodnite everyone

that about sums up tonite.i was mentioned in nannykates blog… and i think im gonna post my comment to her blog from a few days ago…
simply because im preaching to myself….

“after walking through the fire and being burned beyond recognition, you may have less than you started with. much less. incredibly less than you began your journey with… but what you have now is real – and now that it’s stood the test of the flames, you know – it’s real.”

and the truth thing again, from the unlikely source of sherlock holmes
“….when you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth…..”

so ive gotta ask myself… in all thats failed, in all thats been eliminated, what does remain? ill tell you what remains.

His love for me.
His plan for my life.
His mercry, new every morning.
His anointing and blessing upon my every moment on this planet…
and most importantly… what remains?

as unlikely, as improbable… He still is there…

im finding myself at a loss for words
and the funny thing is, its ok.
the last thing i need
is to be heard
but to hear – what You would say

there is something to be said when -in the process of reading an entry- you need to remind yourself to breath..
i post this from nannykates blog

life makes us into who we are. the things that happen to us, the people that touch us. i am perpetually grateful to so many for their impact on my life. those people will never know how deeply i am thankful, nor how much i love them…

read it. wow. and a personal public “thank you” to kate for her comment on my blog…
thank you. for more than you could ever know.

more later…

our mysterious “voice from the past” has spoken many many things… but said nothing of any consequence or depth whatsoever. its sad what people will do to simply get attention…anyway – to the original nameless post-er… you’re still more than welcome to speak with/to me. ive no time for stupid games, but ill gladly speak with you.


is there some mythical connection between certain bloggers?
take -for instance- valmarie and i.
we both havent posted in a few days and we both felt guilty about it.

weird. i have nominated it for the word of the day.
definetly fits.
so much has happend in the past 3 days.
so much.

take this blindfold off of me
im walking but i can not see…
mysteries fly at my feet
the answers come with no relief
and i, keep walking down that road.

delirious. blindfold.

life has changed. im trying to adapt with it.

so yes – as this post draws to a close i do realize it wasnt one of my longer ones. in fact, probably very short.

as my final note.
watching a friend of mine earlier this week… i was reminded of something im constantly learning and re-learning.
cherrish every moment you get with your family. because time with them can be short. very short.

until next time
i am pj (pip)
and this…
is the life i think im living


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