is there some mythical connection between certain bloggers?
take -for instance- valmarie and i.
we both havent posted in a few days and we both felt guilty about it.

weird. i have nominated it for the word of the day.
definetly fits.
so much has happend in the past 3 days.
so much.

take this blindfold off of me
im walking but i can not see…
mysteries fly at my feet
the answers come with no relief
and i, keep walking down that road.

delirious. blindfold.

life has changed. im trying to adapt with it.

so yes – as this post draws to a close i do realize it wasnt one of my longer ones. in fact, probably very short.

as my final note.
watching a friend of mine earlier this week… i was reminded of something im constantly learning and re-learning.
cherrish every moment you get with your family. because time with them can be short. very short.

until next time
i am pj (pip)
and this…
is the life i think im living