Don’t we all love losing a half hours worth of blogging when the website automatically logs you out. So when you hit the “post” button. You’re screwed! Ah well. I guess that’s life.

I seem to be developing a serious case of “tripping on creed”. If you haven’t checked out their new video for “bullets”. Do so @ its very.. cool… interesting… progressive and very CG. Think “final fantasy” (the movie) only… music video. Just watch it.

Also, in todays news – my car now accelerates and brakes much smoother. Of course, having your tranny looked @ and your brakes worked on will do that. And for $150 – it had better. I enjoyed dinner @ my aunts house. Nothing like ravioli. And I’m even developing a taste for broccoli! I must be maturing. Hehehe. Finished the nite off with a fun trip to wegmans. It seems to be THE spot for single 22 year old guys to hang out. Milk, cookies.. and 4 two-liter bottles of mt. Dew. On sale for only $5. I needed no more proof to know God loves me.

if “commitment” was the word of the day yesterday or was it Sunday. Whatever. Either way – todays word is “change”. Its one of the 2 constant aspects of this thing we call life. The other being – that it continues. Life continues. It goes on. Even when all we know and stand upon has been so altered and impacted, we feel it should come to a earth shattering halt, it doesn’t. Life doesn’t come with a pause button.

I’m learning that victory, the Finnish line – so to speak, isn’t necessarily obtained by those with the best training. Or the top of the line equipment. or even the ones who run the fastest. Victory comes to those who are simply humble enough to roll with the punches. it comes to those who know they don’t control the cards life hands them… they are just willing to put one foot in front of the other. They may not even be given a chance to see the cards before a punch is thrown… they’re just committed… (yesterdays word) to do their best. Their not going to stop walking.

A wise man once said – if all you ever see is the road, the trip will never be worth it. To be truthful, all I’ve been able to see lately is the next few inches of gravel on this road. I’d love a glimpse into the finished product… or even a roadmap. Who knows, maybe I was so enthralled by some stupid meaningless roadside attraction that I missed the guy who was handing out the maps. I’m so desperate – that I’d – (a male, mind you) would GLADLY ask for directions at the very next gas station or rest stop. There just hasn’t been any places where I can stop and relax.

delirious put it best in two songs

Take this blindfold off of me
I’m walking but I cannot see
Mysteries fly at my feet
The answers come with no relief

Broken shoes won’t get you far
Climb on my back I’ll carry you afar
Words just feel anatheistized
But hope is found within the lies

And I keep walking down that road
And I keep running down that road

Take this blindfold off of me
I’m crawling, grabbing, breathing for the way I can see
Hold me, take me, run with me, I know you’ll ignite
A battered flame that once was bright

And I keep walking down that road
And I keep running down that road

Glory, glory
Glory, in the highest

and a snippet from
Kiss Your Feet

Take this life, take it all
I’m breathing the dirt, but I have clean hands
So I’ll run with my boots on.
..For I was born to kiss Your feet

so where does this leave us tonight – @t the end of another day – with tomorrow fast approaching? I’m not 100% sure. But I’m learning that I don’t need to be. ill never have all the answers – so I should probably stop trying too. Only He does. And right now – and maybe from now on – that’s all I’ve got left.

I’ve committed to staying in Rochester. Its now His job to come through. My job, is to be the best me I can. And to simply.. keep walking. So tomorrow.. that’s what I’m going to do.

Until the next installment from the life I’m living.
Have a blessed nite