ended up reading Vals blog before i started to type. i was tempted for a moment – to steal her song for my song of the day, but then i realized… pissing off a PMSing woman is about as inteligent as walking into a lion cage wearing “meat” scented cologne… not the greatest analogy, but what do you expect @ 2:30am?

this being the second time ive tried posting this.. im probably going to be brief. just a few thoughts on circumstances and such that ive been mulling over.

ive spent the last few days realizing how much my heart is wrapped around… and beats for… bethel. it may sound childish… and honestly – thats the best description i can come up with as to how i feel. in awe, amazed… child like. that hey – i spent some of today doing whatever it was i could to help out… in the house He chooses to live in.

i dont have ‘career goals’. i dont have ‘plans for retirement’. i just want to be with Him.

and i honestly dont know if thats an ok thing anymore. simply because, i dont want a job where i cant give everything i am too it. i dont want to sell insureance… or advertising. those are both great things… but they will never fulfill me. never.

i just want to do something i can pour all of who i am into. knowing that i did everything in my power to better this life i think im living…

i dunno – maybe im totally wrong.

until next time