welcome to the 2am news.
our top story tonite – pj deftly doged a completely wasted day by calling and cancelling an interview today. the company he was to interview with (whom authorities have asked to remain anonymous) was asking for 50-60 hours of work a week for only $20,000 a year. and the interview was to last 8 hours. our sources tell us that around 9:45 this morning, PJ called and politely cancelled.

in other work related news, PJ has a interview with another unnamed company tomorrow. and he also must return the call of yet another corporation…

now on to entertainment news: i hate to say it – but NBC now stands for “nothing but crap”…. the once “must see” king of thursday nites has fallen prey to a group of 20something actors demanding a million-freakin-dollars PER EPISDOE for some really horrid acting and screenwriting. and the former top show, NBCs “er” dropped outta the “best show” category like a fat kid in dodgeball. somehow – the wonderful writers decided that people didnt want an incredible TV show, they wanted another soap opera. well, not to ruin what happened, but Doc Greens tumor is back, hes havin trouble with his second wife and some guy decided to light up while working in his fume infested garage and obviously turned himself into a human grill… oh well. on to better shows like CSI:-)

and now – our
Top 5 Things that happened today
5. Val mentioned me in her blog today!
4. She called me a padawan. WooHoo… now, what exactly that means… ill never know.
3. Two words – Cof Fee
2. Two words – Cof Fee
1. Two Words – Mt. Dew
1. watched friends with friends:-)

hey, its my blog… so if i want two “1”s – i can do it.

and yeah, to wrap the evening up. im listening to lifehouse right now. seems to be the band of the moment. nothin really deep to say tonite.

well, one thing.

i would never have asked to be alive in this time had i known the hell i would go through – but now, looking back and yeah… maybe even forward… i wouldnt trade this moment… these days… or this life – for all the money in the world.

i may not have all the ansewrs… but no one does. im just gonna keep walking…

thanks for listening… and yeah… ill talk to you again…

until the next installment of the life i think im living