warning: this post may contain high levels of sarcasam. only for external use. call a doctor or poison control center immediately if ingested

its official.
the new closing date on the house is somewhere around the 27 of this month.
2 weeks 2 days.
im supposed to “aim for this date and if it doesnt work, then we can tell them to move it back“.
this will “save mom and dad tons of money
but “no pressure

no freakin pressure my butt.

another conversation with my dad that left me completely and totally frustrated and furious. he tried calling the house twice afterwards… ive ignored the phone ringing both times and turned my cell off.

greedy as it may sound – he has absolutely no clue what its like going through all this.

and the question of the moment:
where the heck is God in all of this?

ive done everything i know to do. looked for a job everywhere i know to look. cut back on expenses in every way possible. now where the heck is He? how much more will be demanded before He decides to get off His butt and do something? huh?

well – quite frankly – im sick of it. and im Calling Him on it. Show Yourself. Be who You say you are. You say my needs are met – so… whats taken so long? You say ill never lack any good thing – well, i need a new home. Be who you’re supposed to be… or get outta my life

sometimes, the life i think im living sucks