if we’re lucky… we spend 80 years or so on this rock we call earth.
most of us breeze through it making the most of the oppurtunities and shying away from all that makes us uncomfortable… or brings us pain.
the few who chose to not run when the fire burns away all they know…
are the ones, who – when you look into their eyes.. you know they’ve looked defeat in the face, and they didnt look away.
they are the ones who are scarred. but they are no longer scared.
they have felt pain – but they’ve learned to not back down.
they know what the enemy can bring… because they’ve fought… and in the end – they’ve won.
someday soon… when you look into my eyes… i hope you see that.

i hope you see someone who looks beyond the present.
someone who can see beyond the whirlwind that surrounds us into the things that lay ahead

my life may not reflect anything right now. but im learning that our lives aren’t valued by the sum total of its parts.
snippets from the life i think im living.

im gonna post this now, but ill probably finish it before the nite is over

til then…

-as promised… ive returned. if only to say goodnite.
sleep well
and adieu