one entire facet of my being can be described in something as small as that.

see – i got this new job. (whoopdeedoo:-)) and its an inside sales consultant job. and they asked me to take a personality test to see exactly what type of person i am. i despise those type of tests. however – the whole of my expierence with them can be summed up in two phrases “internet – stupid”. so i’d never actually had a real one. i walked in very cynical. walked out amazed.

on a scale of 50% being the average persons level of trust (0% being not at all trusting and 100% being very trusting…) i scored 18
that means that 78% of the population on earth is more trusting than i am.

quote for the day (paraphrased)
Every dark cloud has a sliver lining, but lightning kills hundreds of people each year who are trying to find it

many thanks to my friends @ for their inspiration
they are the wind beneath my bullet riddled wings:-)

anyway… until the next installment of this life i think im living

i dont trust you….. hehehe