ive no time for any deep or profound blogging tonite.
as you can tell – the past 10 days or so have been hectic. or… better put – dowright utterly crazy.

i moved last weekened, and am now blogging to you straight from my new (and 1st) apartment. to say things moved quickly? an understatement. i looked at the apt. for the first time last week monday. looked again on tuesday. started the paperwork on wednesday. finnished it up on friday and was moved in completely on saturday.

i know.

my entire existence is now summed up in 3 characters
2 4 0


my nuber. a number that i have been labled so that pizza men can find my apartment. junk mail people can send me crap.
and so that my small apartment in this big wide world can be unique. 240. its not just a number.
its part of who i am.

and if anything, who i am is constantly changing.

i am a completely new person now. i no longer live under my parents roof. someone else does.
i no longer live in the house i spent my adolesence.
i have a new home
a new life
a new me

this is who i am. i may not be right. i may not be perfect. but its who i am. its changing.
its me

this, is the life i think im living.

and i am officially welcoming you to – the very begining… of chapter 2.