chapter 2.
paragraph 2.
sentence 1.

guys are stupid.

last nite – 3 characters described who i am.
this nite – 3 words.

guys are stupid.

to say that our mental processes are anywhere NEAR coherent would be a gross misinterpetation of the obvious facts. look around you. men are stupid. we live our entire lives learning that simple lesson. and although we may know it better than we know our own name- we never are able to interpet our stupid actions – or the results of them – into a positive response.

all i know – from the thousands of times that ive messed up in the past few months… is this.

there are moments, places, people… few and very far between… that cause us to change who we are. they cause us to want to better ourselves… they cause us to want to learn to trust again.

and these moments… these places… these people – are the ones worth sticking your neck out farther than you ever have before.
these people are the ones who can make you smile no matter what your goin through. these people are the ones who take your breath away. they are the ones who make you feel alive.

they are the ones that remind us that this life is worth living.

they are gifts

divine deposits into our lives from a Holy and Perfect God.

these people… are the ones we care about the most. the ones we’d do anything for. and our relationships with these people are the relationships we strive for the hardest. the ones we constantly work to better. the ones that matter the most.

because – simply put. you love that person. more than life itself. more than coffee…. more than hugs… you love that person.

and WHEN – not if – you mess up…. these are the relationships – the people… whos forgiveness we ask for first. we dont wait. we dont try to make excuses….

just a simple-

i was wrong
i am sorry

please forgive me?

thats all that we can do. we recognize that we’ve hurt this special person. and although we hate that fact… we can not change it. we simply have to ask for forgiveness.

which is what i need to do.

i was wrong
im sorry

please forgive me?