as a small post script to my recent blog.

the anouncement was more of a small formality. thats all. no fanfare. no major sigh of relief.

it was something i had to do. so it was done. the “papers havent been filed” yet. so everything isnt formal yet, legally anyway.

but i basically got sick of waiting for anything “formal” from TX. so yeah. when you go to a church of 3000 members and youve been there 22 years. a conservative estimate is that 400 people know you. 400 people with questions about the family. well… honestly, screw waiting on the family to deal with anouncing anything. its public now.

moving on.

tonites simple lil thought.

i realized that in a lot of ways, ive changed in these past 8 months. and ya know what? i dont like some of whom ive become.

so my simple thought?

i wanna change.