if you dont read Relevant Magazine you should be dragged outside and force fed baby food:-)

read this –

Last week’s Gospel Music Association Dove Awards weren’t attended, once again, by P.O.D., even though the group was nominated in multiple categories. The reason? They just don’t see themselves as a Christian band, no matter how much the industry wants them to be one. “It’s like the same people that banned us,” lead singer Sonny Sandoval told The Tennessean, “now they’re in their little office and they’re like, ‘Our goal is to help them break into the mainstream.’ No, it’s not. Let’s be honest with ourselves, that’s not your heart’s intention. You’re just selling records. Whatever link you have to this, it looks good on your plate.” Sonny continued: ”For us, it’s like, there are a lot bands out there that have the same background as us, but they’re not pigeonholed the same as us. Look at someone like Lauryn Hill. She’ll get up there and she’ll tell you what she believes in or what her faith is about. Look at what she accomplished, and you don’t see her doing the GMAs … We’re not trying to be a part of this little, it’s almost like a secret society-type thing. It’s, like, thank you for anything you might have done in the past. Thank you for your support. No disrespect, but we’re going to go on and do what we want to do” …

amen and amen
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