so i dont think i have much to blog tonite.
i ended up renting a new flick… check out “hometown legend”.
good movie. very good.
hey – even relevant said it was good.

i must say life offers us many very interesting challenges. and things change in a moment. we’ve all seen that. im not exactly sure why im still surprised by it. i guess it can just come from surprising sources.

someone who i havent talked to in months just said hi to me a few moments ago. @ the very moment i was thinking about her. weird.

God? maybe.

i heard some good preachin sunday morning.
simply put – there may never be a good time to apologize. maybe i am waiting for the perfect moment. will that perfect moment ever happen?

all questions… no answers.

i know i said this earlier on. it just keeps popping up. more and more im realizing what faith isnt. and for that matter… what love isnt. love means having to say im sorry. love means having to swallow your pride. love means getting hurt. love… means betrayal.

here is a question for you – how much did the disciples learn from watching judas? from seeing one of their own betray the one they followed? what were the disciples supposed to learn? what did Christ feel? i mean – He was 100% God, but He was 100% man also. did he feel betrayed….?

i dunno.

forgiveness seems to be whats foremost on my mind. and – from the look of my past ramblings, i guess they’re may be a lot on my mind tonite….

forgiveness. asking for it. giving it.
forgiveness isnt a beautiful thing. its not all flowers and fluff. its gory. its sacrafice…. look @ what it cost Christ to simply pave the way for our forgiveness… just so we could share in the communion that He has with His father.

rambling… very rambling. and my song selection has been close to schzisophrenic. and dont mock my spelling. its late.

the hardest part of this life i think im living…. is simply that.

ok… im gone for now.