i had an entire blog all typed out, and one mistake on the keypad and bam… its all gone.
so here i am… left with a blank page…

a new page.. a page untouched by todays blemishes…
something clean..something pure…
like the day that has just begun…

anyway, my thoughts for nite…

if its true that this life we live is a road… then sooner or later, if you fight hard enough… and forge your own path… you will come to… you’ll come to your edge.
the place in your life where you just know you’ve gotta make a decision… and the decision will forever impact who you will be… as a person, in your life… and those who know you and call you friend.

thats me. thats now. thats my life. this – is my edge

a new day
the sun is shining
seems I’m closer to finding
that life is more than where we are
no way that I am TURNING
as long as the sun is burning
now it seems that all I want is you

so – for this moment in time… for this place in the road im called to walk… ive made a decision, and now – its time to “go public” so to speak. to make my ‘statement’.
my prayer.
my hearts cry…

its simple really….

Lord… i am utterly lost without You. ive never been more aware that i can not do this on my own. that i can not walk this road… under my own strenght. Father, its simple. i need You. i need You in all i am. come, take control. take my unbelief. take my fear. burn me with Your eyes and see into who i am really am. take everything away that isnt You. lord, i need You. come, Father – lead me and i will follow.

I try to make my way to you
but still I feel so lost
I don’t know what else I can do
cause I’ve seen it all
it was never enough
it keeps leaving me needing you

dont give up on me yet…. dont forget who i am… i know im not there yet, but dont let me stay here alone.

Lord, i am yours. ive done all i could, forgive my faults and lead me on. ill go where you lead and ill do what you want, just take me with you. i cant stand being away from who you are.

im gonna fight. im gonna continue on in this road im on and Lord, if im wrong, please show me. and even beyond that, help me to trust you for all things. all things……