youre right. we dont know how to fight it. we dont know when it’ll come. we cant run. cant hide. cant pretend its not the end, because it is. somethings always been there to try and destroy the world. we’ve beaten them back. but were not dealing with them anymore. we’re dealing with the reason they exist. evil, the strongest. the First.

im beyond tired. im beyond scared. im standing on the mouth of hell and its gonna to swallow me whole.

and it’ll choke on me.

we’re not ready?
they’re not ready.
they think were gonna wait for the end to come, ilke we always do.
im done waiting.

they want an apocalypse?
oh, we’ll give em one.
anyone else who wants to run
do it now.

cuz we just became an army.
we just declared war.

from now on, we wont just face our worst fears, we will seek them out.
we will find them and cut out there hearts one by one.
until the First shows itself for what it really is.
and ill kill it myself.

there is only one thing on this earth more powerful than evil
and thats us.
any questions?

Lord, may you find me a willing warrior. steadfastly focused and one-in-heart with You.